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This listing is for a custom rhinestone K-Pop Lightstick! All custom lightsticks are made to order, and can take two months or more to create. The base cost for this service is $350 including the cost of the lightstick. If I am unable to find the specific lightstick you request at a reasonable cost I will refund your order, so please make sure it is one still being manufactured and available in the US.


All lightsticks are created flat back crystal rhinestones in a mixture of sizes. I've used this method personally to decorate my own lightsticks, and have been extremely happy with the results. The process is very time consuming because all rhinestones are placed individually by hand. I will communicate with you every step of the way, and will send update pictures as your order progresses.


If you have any questions please send an email to and I'll be happy to help!

Custom Kpop Lightstick

  • The base cost for a custom lightstick is $350. This includes the cost of purchasing the lightstick (Lightsticks that cost more than $70 to purchase will have an additional fee), the cost of the rhinestones and glue, and the cost of the work. If your lightstick idea is extremely detailed or large and takes more than 30 hours to complete, there will be an additional charge of $8 per hour of additional labor. If you have questions about how much a specific idea or design might cost, send an email to and I'll be happy to give you a more accurate quote.

  • To see examples of my lightsticks, check out my social links at the bottom of this page! I have pictures and videos of my lightsticks on both TikTok and Twitter.

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